March 29, 2017: All Alone

When I wake up at 8 AM, I notice my house is empty. I look around and can’t seem to find anyone. I text my mom and ask where my brother and sister are. “They should be home. What do you mean you can’t find them?” she responds. I tell her they aren’t here and she tells me to text her in thirty minutes if they still don’t show up. About twenty minutes later, they both walk through the door and explain that they went to the store to buy a few things. I go back to my room and listen to music while doing some of my missing work. I spend a couple hours doing this. All of a sudden, I hear a faint knocking on my door. It’s my brother. “Do you want to go on a walk?” he asks. “Sure, let me just finish this.” I respond. Once I wrap up my last worksheet, I pull on my pair of Nike’s, grab a leash, and tell my brother it’s time to go. I look for my dog, Lula, so I can walk her while we’re out there.

We walk down Milpas Street until we end up at East Beach. As we’re walking, my brother is running around chasing my dog and vice versa. Once we reach the pier, he tells me he’s thirsty so stroll down State Street looking for somewhere to get something to drink.

On the way there, this man is singing amazingly. I drop a $5 bill into his basket and continue walking. We’re walking around when I notice Blenders in the Grass and ask him if he wants a smoothie. He says yes so we walk in and I order a Tropical Kale for myself and a Red Pineapple for my brother. I pay the cashier and take a seat on a bench. My brother then grabs a nutritional pamphlet and starts showing off how fast he can read. After a while, it does start to get annoying but I keep this to myself. We get our drinks and begin to walk home after this.


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