June 28, 2016: State Street.. again…

The day starts out pretty mellow with me getting ready for a day out with my friends. I did my usual routine, shower, and get dressed. After this, I text my group chat with Vicky and Raphaela. I tell them i’ll be leaving soon. I eat a slice of toast and a cup of Chia Seed Pudding and run out the door. I take the trolley and meet up with them at the Central Library downtown. Once we meet up, we walk across the street to the county Courthouse and climb up to the bell tower.


After this, we climb back down and walk on over to a nearby parking lot with great architecture and views. We realize that it’s a great place to take a few pictures. Raphaela struggles to climb onto a pillar and we all laugh as she looks SUPER funny. After five to twenty minutes, she finally gets up there and I hop on up along with her to snap some pictures. Later on, it’s Vicky’s turn. She too, struggles to climb on.


As soon as we finish snapping a few pics, we order an Uber and go to Vicky’s dad’s house. She changes into a new outfit and we get a ride from her dad and go to the Earl Warren Showgrounds. We pay a few dollars to get in and then walk over to the wristband sales booth. We ride almost all the rides there and repeat some of our favorites like: The Zipper, 1001 Nachts, and Fireball. Sooner or later, someone complains about being sooooo hungry. So we walk over to the food area and buy cheese fries and one or two funnel cakes to split between us.


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