October 15, 2016: Homecoming

Today is the day. The day we have been waiting for, for weeks. It’s 8:00 AM and I have all the time in the world. I immediately check my Snapchat and reply to those who have contacted me. I scroll through my Instagram feed and comment on a few posts. I do this for about an hour. I finally get up, walk over to my kitchen, and pop a bagel into the toaster. I wait for the familiar little “ding” notifying me that my bagel is perfectly toasted. I spread cream cheese on both slices and serve myself a glass of milk. Once I finish, I confirm my plans with Raphaela, Leslie, Kim, and Victoria. I gather my clothes and jump into the shower to start getting ready for tonight. After about ten minutes of washing up, I hop out, brush my teeth, and get dressed. I meet up with Kim and we go to State Street to kill time and just hang out. We pop into Zumiez and buy a few bags of stuff each. We quickly get bored and head to the bridge in between Montecito Street and Gutierrez Street. We get a text from Raphaela saying she’s almost done getting ready and we realize what time it is. We only have about an hour and a half to get home and get ready! We quickly take a few pictures and get an Uber immediately after that.


It drops off Kim at her house first then heads over to mine. I jump in the shower again and take the quickest shower of my life. I wash my face, do my hair, brush my teeth, and get dressed all within about forty-five minutes. I wait for Kim to show up to my house so we can share an Uber over to the courthouse to take a few more pics with the rest of our friends. Raphaela is the only one there when Kim and I get there. So we take a few pics of ourselves before everyone else arrives.


Shortly after, Vicky gets there with Leslie by her side and quickly jumps in to take pictures with the rest of us. By this time, the entire property was crawling with either tourists or other students trying to take pictures. We all agreed to take pictures somewhere a little less typical next time.


It’s nearing 6:00 PM so we rush over to Benchmark Eatery to make it in time for our reservations. We all ask for our drinks and decide to wait for our other friends to order. The waitress returns every five minutes or so, and we finally decide to order. I get a simple Benchmark Burger and let everyone else order. Right as our waitress wraps up our order, our friends rush in and apologize for being so late. They promptly sit down and order their meals. A short wait later, our meals arrive and we all dig in. All the while, were conversing and building up the anticipation leading to tonight. We finish our meals and hop into Isabel’s mom’s car. She drives us up to the flagpole and we get in line with the rest of our peers. We get through the awfully long line and stroll down to the dance. After about three hours of nonstop dancing, the DJ announced that he had to stop the dance because of noise complaints.