March 15, 2017: Running Late

Oh no… I was hoping this wouldn’t happen, especially not today. I knew this would happen. I’m late! I quickly run to the bathroom, shower, and throw on a pair of sweats, a sweater, and my Vans. I gather my suitcase and pack any last minute items. I say goodbye to my grandma and my mom and hop into my Uber. I stop at Starbucks and pick up two Chocolate Croissants and a Hot Chocolate. I also stop at Raphaela’s house and pick her up. By the time we get to the MAD Academy the students are about to board the bus. We check in with one of the administrators, Pablo, and find relatively good seats on the bus. Makayla and Elizabeth are behind us and Claire and James sit in front of us. Luckily, we kind of cut in front of the others. Otherwise, we would have had the very front seatsRoughly two hours into the trip, we stop in some random hole-in-the-wall town. The town is called Visalia (I only know this because of Snapchat’s Geofilters). My friends and I go to McDonald’s order some food and sit to enjoy it. Once we finish, we rush to the supermarket and buy a platter of fruit, a Naked, and a “Family Sized” bag of chips for Elizabeth. We pay and rush back to the Airbus as we were given a time limit. The rest of the ride there was lots of twists and turns. After about another hour or two, we finally got to see some snow and sequoias! The noise levels rise and soon everyone is talking about it.  We STILL continue to drive for about 45 minutes until finally, people begin noticing signals dropping. At last, we see signs of civilization (other than the roads, of course) and most of us are exhausted by now. We rejoice and a lot of us can’t wait to get off this jam-packed bus. We get off, collect our suitcases, and wait for instruction. Of course, someone throws a snowball and pretty soon everyone has a handful of snow and is ready to chuck it at the next person.



February 21, 2017: A Night Out

Bells are ringing, Kids are screaming. School’s out. Victoria, Stephanie, Kim, and I walk on over to the MAD Academy’s Lounge. We find our friends Alize and Desirae already there waiting for us. Spongebob Squarepants is playing in the background and a couple of freshmen are sitting on the couch enjoying the cartoon. Alize notices I’m holding a small black bag. “What’s in there?” she asked. I give a quick answer telling her it’s my camera. We sit down and watch a few of the episodes with the others. All the while Alize and Desirae are commentating. We quickly get bored and bring up a random topic to start talking about. The topic was Vicky’s super duper wavy hair tied up in a half ponytail. They crack a few jokes and tease her a tad bit. Me being extremely bored, I sit behind her and take down her half pony and mess around with it until I come up with something resembling two space buns.

img_1194After messing around with my camera for a little while, Leslie and I begin our walk to State Street. We shop a little, buy a few things and pop into stores every now and then. I call my mom and ask her to pick us up and take us home but she tells me she isn’t in town. This is a problem.The sun has almost completely set and Leslie’s curfew is quickly approaching.

img_1273We stop at Starbucks on the corner of De La Guerra and State. I order a Venti Double Chocolate Chip Frappe and she gets a Grande Java Chip Frappe. We walk upstairs and begin to think of ways to get home. My phone is dead so I can’t get us an Uber. My mom is not in town. How are we possibly going to get home? We decide to not worry about it immediately and go to a nearby parking lot to shoot a few pictures.

We spend another hour and a half up there constantly trying new settings and poses. We check the time and it’s 6:00. She’s late! We run to the Transit Center as a last resort and check if any buses are still running. We see the last bus to Goleta beginning to take off. Leslie chases the bus and is banging on the window the entire time. Finally, the bus driver decides to let her in and shortly scolds her for chasing the bus down the street. Later on, Leslie texts me at around 7:15 and tells me she just got home.