July 4, 2016: Fourth of July

       It’s Fourth of July! I wake up and prepare for the jam-packed day ahead of me. Shower? Check. Dress? Check. Do hair? Check. I’m ready for the day. I walk to the nearest bus stop and wait for the Crosstown Shuttle. Once I get to State Street, I immediately look for my friends, Kim and Raphaela.  We begin strolling down the street and pop into shops that catch our eyes. We’re walking out of VAN’S when Kim yells, “OMG! Let’s go to Yogurtland!” Raphaela and I decide to tag along. I get a mix of cheesecake and strawberry.

Once we’ve finished, we walk over to the pier and take a couple of pictures every now and then to kill time as we wait for the annual fireworks show. All the while, joking around and telling stories. It’s around 3:30 PM and we still have a couple of hours to kill, so we all try to think of something to do. We decide to shop a little more and

img_0681We spend around twenty minutes arguing about where to go and what to do that we end up just walking to Raphaela’s house. As we’re strolling, we walk past a huge amount of street vendors, all with lines of at least five to ten people each, skateboarders, and tourists all moving along by the dozens. We walk past La Mesa Park, Shoreline Beach and end up on Cliff Drive. We finally get to her house and pop “Finding Nemo” into the DVD player and start making some popcorn while the ads are playing. After two hours has passed, we decide to mess around with my camera and take more pictures in her lounge. We end up needing two SD cards to hold all the pictures we take. It’s around 7:00 PM and we remember it’s almost time for the annual fireworks show! We begin to walk back towards the harbor and as we’re walking, it’s absolutely packed and extremely hectic with parents chasing after their kids, music playing, and others trying to find a comfortable spot to watch the show. We walk on over to Sandspit and find a comfortable spot to sit. Finally, we get to sit back, relax, and watch the show with some of the people I care about most.